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Welcome to the inaugural edition of Why I Love Kenya magazine. In it, we take our readers on a magical journey through the unrivalled diversity of the world’s first and best-loved safari destination. From the migration of the wildebeest to the Cradle of Mankind on Lake Turkana; and from the Indian Ocean beaches to the painted deserts of Samburu. We also take a gallop across the Masai Mara, go up in a hot air balloon, drop out of the sky in Diani, sip sundowners in some very unusual venues, find some fabulous beasts …and go shopping in Nairobi.

We hope that this taste of why we love Kenya, inspires you to come and fall in love with Kenya too. Unless you’ve already done so, in which case, we look forward to seeing you again very soon.


Jane Barsby,
Managing Editor

“Discover & Experience Our Beautiful Country…”



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