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Welcome to the first issue of Why I Love Kenya 2018, the official magazine of the Kenya Tourism Board and Kenya Tourism Federation, and the only world-class digital and print magazine to sell DESTINATION KENYA to the world.

In this, our 5th issue, we discover the magic of the coastal resort of Watamu, we meet a wizard and an archer, learn why flamingos are pink, track rhinos, taste coffee and whisper to birds. And all in the name of discovering what’s to love about Kenya in 2018.

Meanwhile, we’d like to wish a very happy and prosperous New Year to all our readers, our advertisers and our contributors. We look forward to spending another year in your company.


Jane Barsby,
Managing Editor

“Discover & Experience Our Beautiful Country…”



Watamu: Kenya’s coastal paradise

Escapist, enchanting, and with an indefinable air of having time-warped itself back to gentler days, Watamu beguiles. Standing atop a miniature peninsular, sheltered by the nurturing curve of Mida Creek, it abounds in rocky [...]


Kilimanjaro’s Kingdom

It’s a mercurial place. One minute Hollywood golden girl, wreathed in improbably blue skies, and patrolled by great herds of elephants that pose, as if on the director’s cue, against the backdrop of Mount [...]


Walking with Dinosaurs

Some ideas turn out to be genuinely good. Others sound good, but turn out to be questionable when put into action. As one-and-a-half tonnes of a notoriously bad tempered beast with a sharply pointy [...]