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Welcome to our sixth issue of Why I Love Kenya, the official magazine of the Kenya Tourism Board and Kenya Tourism Federation.

In this issue, we explore the wonders of Mount Kenya and enjoy a bush breakfast with the endangered mountain bongo. We venture north to the Reteti elephant sanctuary and meet Josephine – and her babies; and we venture south in search of lions in a Mara conservancy. And finally we head to Hollywood, where famous actress and committed conservationist Stefanie Powers tells us why she loves Kenya


Jane Barsby,
Managing Editor

“Discover & Experience Our Beautiful Country…”



Mountain magic

You have to get up early to see the sparkling spires of Mount Kenya. As day dawns, so she appears. A few hours later, cobwebs of cloud drift in to create a coronet around [...]


Be careful what you wish for

The fascination lies in the unpredictability of a game drive. You have no control over what you’ll see. If you’re wise, you’ll set out without expectation and accept whatever the wilderness delivers. If you [...]


The vanishing mountain bongo

The mountain bongo is one of the most elusive creatures on earth. Critically endangered, until very recently, it was thought to be extinct in the forests of Mount Kenya. And it might just as [...]