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Welcome to our ninth issue of Why I Love Kenya, the official magazine of the Kenya Tourism Board and the Kenya Tourism Federation.

In this issue we take a whirlwind tour of Kenya’s national parks, reserves and conservancies, stopping off along the route to experience their many and gloriously varied highlights. Next, we head up to northern Kenya for some bedtime stories in the company of a troop of sleepy baboons. Elsewhere we meet the Maasai gods of thunder and find out why it is that mongooses always stand on top of termite mounds. Finally we head into the Masai Mara to meet a lioness and her troop of 16 cubs, and an elephant on a mission. Returning to Nairobi, we take in the sights and the shops.

In our cameo spot, we find out from American actress Kristin Davis – famous for her roles in the long-running American ‘soaps’ Melrose Place and Sex and the City – why she loves Kenya. It all began when she came across a baby elephant lost in the wild…


Jane Barsby,
Managing Editor

“Discover & Experience Our Beautiful Country…”



Ballet of the wild

It’s the classic image: the Masai Mara at dawn. Poised in anticipation but empty of wildlife. Faintly veiled in a gossamer of silver mist. In the foreground is a wash of bone-beige savannah. On [...]


Wilderness Calling

Humans, when released into the wild, behave much like any other previously caged creature: initially over-awed, they soon shed their timidity in the wild rush of excitement, exploration and discovery. They dash about gasping, [...]


Needs Musth when the devil drive

It’s an unlikely spot for an interlude of story telling. We’re hemmed in by elephants: surrounded on all sides. There are hundreds of them. All sizes. Some half coated in wet mud – like [...]