Project Description

If you’re planning on saying ‘I do’ in the near future, you’ve probably got a wish list that includes guaranteed blue skies and sunshine for the big day; a wedding venue with a show-stopping backdrop and photo ops galore; a magical honeymoon hideaway that doesn’t require hours on a plane; and the chance to escape the daily grind and encounter wildlife, wilderness and a culture that’s utterly unique.

Look no further. We have it all.

Eco-chic weddings

It’s the very latest trend, an ecologically sound wedding. And with good reason, because the average wedding emits 14.5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere while the average person emits 12 tons of CO2 per year. So… how can a Kenyan wedding help you to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding slipper? Here are five gloriously green ideas:

  1. Forget the confetti and use rose petals – Kenya is one of the world’s largest rose growers so we’ve got plenty to spare. Alternatively throw birdseed – we have over 1,100 recorded bird species and are considered one of the world’s most rewarding ornithological destinations.
  2. Looking for the ideal green wedding gift? Why not allow the bride and groom to help a family in Maasai land by donating a goat or a cow – this will provide nutrition for the family and income to put the children through school. For further information:
  3. Cut down carbon miles and stage your wedding, your reception and your honeymoon in the same place. We’ve got venues ranging from Indian Ocean idylls to rhino sanctuaries. And guest entertainments from lion-tracking to turtle preservation.
  4. Instead of using paper for your place cards, use local leleshwa leaves, which when bruised will emit a subtle camphor fragrance and are traditionally used by the Maasai as deodorants. Simply print the name of the guest on a tiny piece of paper and pin it to the leleshwa leaf.
  5. Cut down on plastic by using recycled water bottles.

Tropical shower

To those who live in the chill and windy reaches of Northern Europe and North America, nothing is more alluring than the thought of guaranteed sunshine for the big day, blue-chip skies for the pictures, and a gilt-edged invitation to run barefoot along the beaches of the Indian Ocean. Consequently, Kenya’s coastline is one of the world’s hottest beach wedding venues. Many hotels also offer a dive school, where you can arrange for a wedding beneath the waves. For further information

Hot air hitch

If you’d like to avoid the hot air that inevitably surrounds the wedding hype, you might like to consider getting married by balloon. Rising high above the jaded conventions of limousines and horse-drawn carriages, this will allow you to blow into the ceremony on the wind of romance, and hurl your bouquet down to your fighting girlfriends from a basket suspended from a rainbow-coloured globe.

Safari spin

For those in search of a sublimely safari spin on the wedding wardrobe, inspiration can be gleaned from the Nairobi workshop of Anna Trzebinski who merges Maasai and Samburu inspired beadwork with cashmere, feathers and leather to create a series of unique and exquisite creations. For further information: