Project Description

Noah’s Ark and Promised Land

Pristine wilderness, wildlife guardian, dynamic destination, eco-champion and catalyst for fusion between local community and global tourism

Lying in the embrace of Mount Kenya, the Aberdare Range and the Great Rift Valley, the magnificent Laikipia plateau is an almost mythical land of rolling plains, lilac-grey hills, infinite views, plummeting escarpments and classic African savannah. Once exclusively ranching country, Laikipia has evolved to become Kenya’s most innovative tourist destination. A contemporary Noah’s ark, Laikipia shelters some 7,000 elephants, significant numbers of big cats, half of Kenya’s black rhino population and the largest population left on earth of the endangered reticulated giraffe and Grevy’s zebra.

Achingly beautiful, largely unexplored, enchantingly varied, Laikipia is unique. There are no national parks here, just wilderness conservancies that showcase a unique fusion of commerce and conservation, community and culture. Trail blazer and explorer, Laikipia reveals a whole new aspect to Kenyan tourism. Here tourism is inclusive of the needs of the local community; it enshrines age-old culture, celebrates precious heritage and capitalizes on the generosity of its acres, the density of its wildlife and the careful management of its visitor numbers to provide an unprecedented intimacy of game-viewing experience and warmth of human welcome.

Here sustainable land management works for the good of people and wildlife alike. Here, the adoption of the latest concepts in recycling, organic gardening and the use of natural materials and age-old local craftsmanship has created a blue-print for pan-African eco-tourism. Here there are no rules: you can ride, drive and walk the wilderness unfettered; and engage with an utterly authentic ethnic tapestry that is replicated nowhere else on earth.

We are delighted to credit our superbly orchestrated visit to Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp, Karisia Walking Safaris and El Karama Lodge to the team at Cheli & Peacock Safaris. For further information on their bespoke tours please contact: